A Valentine’s gift with a twist

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So the day of romance is fast approaching again. Valentine’s day: The big V. Now each year we tend to go for the tradition chocolates and roses, maybe a bottle of champagne. Why not make it a little bit special this year and go for something completely unique and unforgettable? It is a leap year after all.

Have you ever heard of Boudoir photography? Well boudoir photography is a sexy, confidence boosting underwear and lingerie shoot, where women are directed into poses that flatter and compliment their unique figures to create stunning images that leave them feeling fabulous (and their lucky partners who get to see the photographs feeling blown away)

These boudoir images are something to be treasured and kept forever. So for a Valentine’s Day present with a twist, why not come in for a boudoir photo-shoot before the big day, then gift him your beautiful photographs to open on Valentine’s Day! I can guarantee it will be a Valentine’s present like no other.


Looking for a joint experience? Alternatively, if you are looking for a day that you can enjoy together, why not share the fun and try a fully directed couples boudoir photo-shoot? Spice things up this Valentine’s Day by presenting your partner with a couple’s photo-shoot gift card, then you can always practice some poses before you come to the studio!

valentines voucher boudoir 

Now we all know how things can creep up on us, so men, if you are still stuck on ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift then stress free. Why not present your partner with a hand wrapped and personalized gift card for a boudoir photo-shoot. Gift her a confidence boost as well as a day of pampering, and let’s not forget the stunning and sensual images she will create in the process! (which you both can enjoy)

To view our women’s and couple’s boudoir photo-shoots or Valentine’s gift cards please click here. Alternatively contact our studio on 020-8446-4477 or info@boudoirbycameo.com

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