Boudoir or Glamour Photography?

Misconceptions about Boudoir photography

Is boudoir photography, glamour photography by a different name? This misconception is extremely common, but let’s face it; the word boudoir is simply French for a woman’s bedroom. That is why our boudoir photoshoots entail wearing clothes you would feel comfortable wearing in the bedroom, with comfortable being the operative word! Although it can be a nerve racking thought, in reality, we know the photo shoot to be a fun and exhilarating experience. This enjoyment is created through having a friendly and trusting relationship with your photographer and the knowledge you will only be doing poses that YOU are happy with. This is why we work with an all-female team, to ensure all of our lovely ladies feel comfortable and at ease throughout their shoot.

Sensuality vs. Sleaze

We find that a lot of people confuse the idea of looking sensual for being sleazy. There are many ways to photograph someone looking sexy without looking trashy and this is down to correct choice of clothing, posing and lighting. In short, we think you need to choose a professional and experienced boudoir photographer to get the most from your shoot.

Naked or not

Many people hear the word boudoir and think of only nude and naughty photography. Yes, a lot of our ladies love to subtly show off their nude physique in an artistic manner (and why not?) but it is not a must. Boudoir can be anything from lingerie, to a big baggy shirt or a comfy jumper. Whether you are looking to bear all or wear it all, we think a boudoir shoot is about capturing your inner beauty and your own sexy style; it is not about the amount of skin you show but the amount of personality the image captures in an artistic manner.

boudoir photography at our London photography studio

Barbie for Boudoir?

At Cameo we think boudoir photography is for everyone and every BODY.  You do not have to have a Barbie doll physique to do a boudoir photoshoot. The term “plus size” is a word we’re not keen on using, due to what we think it infers: that you are not a so called “normal” size (whatever that is). We prefer voluptuous, strikingly curvy or just fabulous!  So all of our photoshoots are tailor made to incorporate poses that flatter and complement each person’s unique figure, be it petite or voluptuous, to create stunning final images. No matter what stage you are in your life, from being in your 20’s or in your 70’s a boudoir photoshoot is an amazing experience. At Boudoir by Cameo we think boudoir photography is about celebrating all women and their individual fabulousness!

 Sultry and single or sassily for someone else?

One of the main outcomes from your boudoir photoshoot is the confidence boost it gives you during and after your shoot. If you are looking for a unique gift for your partner, a boudoir shoot is a fun way to spice things up but it is also nice to concentrate on yourself and your feel good factor! Many of our lovely ladies do a boudoir shoot to rebuilt their self-esteem and remind themselves of how sexy and confident they are. The pictures are personal and can be kept that way if so wished or shared with a loved one. Whatever the reason for your shoot, be it a present or a confidence boost we can guarantee it will have the desired effect!

So at Boudoir by cameo we think boudoir is beautiful-oir!! We hope our thoughts have squashed any doubts you might have had about doing a boudoir photoshoot and realise that boudoir is about celebrating the essence of being a woman!