Bridal Boudoir

The perfect gift for your partner on the big day

Make your special day even more unforgettable with a bridal boudoir  photo-shoot with us, this the ultimate boudoir photoshoot before the big day. We see this experience as truly giving yourself to your partner, in the most intimate and loving way. Our bridal boudoir photo-shoot is just like our classic boudoir session, except this time we encourage you to bring your wedding lingerie and any bridal items you might want to be photographed in or with. This can include wedding robes, a veil, sentimental jewelry or even your wedding dress, click our blog post ‘What to bring for my bridal boudoir shoot?’ for more info.

Your female photographer with direct you into poses that will flatter and compliment, however traditionally bridal boudoir is a softer, more feminine style of boudoir photography. Simplicity is key for elegant bridal photographs, we also like the use our light and bright bedroom studio setup as a ‘night of the wedding day’ re-creation.

Often before having any boudoir photo-shoot, us women like to prepare. We at Boudoir by Cameo definitely don’t believe losing any weight is the answer for preparation, our job is to make you feel your best no matter what, we think you’re perfect just as you are! However we understand that every bride will be working very hard on looking fabulous for her big day regardless, so why not make the most of this milestone and have these photographs to look back on and treasure forever.

Surprise your partner/groom with a breathtaking album or print box on the night before or morning of your wedding day, or even the night after your wedding day, we guarantee it will make your day that extra bit special, the anticipation of waiting for their reaction also adds to the excitement.

A bridal boudoir shoot is also an excellent gift for you or your friends’ bridal shower, if your friend is getting married then why not get the girls together and treat her to this momentous occasion with a Boudoir by Cameo gift card. Her make-up and hair will be done and she’ll be feeling fabulous, so have a night out or nice dinner planned for afterwards! Bridal boudoir is the unique gift everyone wishes they’d thought of first, and the best part is being able to look back on the memories for years to come.