Couples Boudoir

A once in a lifetime experience

So you’ve seen what our boudoir & bridal shoots have to offer, now let’s turn up the heat.. are you ready? Our couples boudoir session takes all the best parts of our classic boudoir session, only this time you can tease and tantalise your partner and share this ultimate confidence-boosting experience. Capture your sensuality and individuality as a pair with this unique and exciting day out for two, bring in naughty and/or sentimental items to make this once in a lifetime opportunity extra special. This is the perfect gift for Valentine’s day, Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays, but often our lovely couples come in to try something new and get out of their comfort zones, we like to call it a date with a twist! (or maybe even a tie if that’s your thing…), if you are a parent you’ll know how hard it is to get that intimate alone time with your partner, this is also an excellent excuse to get in a babysitter and enjoy a day of re-connecting and rekindling your love for one another.

Your female photographer understands the right lighting and posing to capture your intimacy, without you actually having to be ‘intimate’, so rest assured we are here to make art for you, where you’re the subject. Our images are artistic not pornographic but apart from this, anything goes! Our cosy, dark-lit space will ensure you feel comfortable and safe, so by no means will you have to do anything you are not comfortable with.

Often our lovely couples are looking to create an intimate photograph to hang on the wall in the bedroom, or stunning photographs in an album or print box to keep in a locked draw at home (away from the kids) to open on special occasions. The possibilities are endless, and as you know each other more than anyone, why not re-create your ultimate fantasy with this unforgettable session.