Do I Need To Do Anything Before My Shoot?  

boudoir by cameo london photography studio

So you are getting ready for your shoot and wondering what body prep is needed! Well first off don’t worry about bruises and blemishes, all professional studios include retouching of your images so these can be removed in post production. Also DO NOT stress about cramming in pre-shoot gym sessions or dieting. You need to be energised for your photo shoot, not tired! This shoot is about loving your body and celebrating it, not changing it! Your photographer will guide you into flattering poses, showing off your figure at its best.


 If you are the type of person who likes their nails looking polished and primed, we suggest having a manicure/pedicure before you photo shoot, but bear in mind the colour of your nails, doesn’t clash with the choice of photo shoot clothing or lingerie.

Body Hair

 Each person has their own preference as to what body hair they want to keep or remove and no choices are wrong or right. It is totally up to you! If you are waxing any areas, we do suggest waxing at least a few days prior to your shoot to avoid any redness or bumps.


 If you colour or highlight your hair, please come to the studio with your hair dyed as you would like it shown in your images, as retouching unwanted roots will take extra time in post-production. We advise coming in with clean dry hair, but not freshly washed (the day before is perfect), as this can effect the longevity in hold of your styling.

Make-up free face

 We ask everyone to come in with a clean and make-up free face, so our make-up artist can quickly and easily decide what tones and shades will suit your skin tone, without having to remove your make-up first.