Frequently Asked Questions


Why have a photoshoot? These are just a few of the reasons why many women choose to come in for a photoshoot: To celebrate a milestone in your life, to create a unique gift for yourself or someone special, a well-deserved confidence boost, to create head shots to use as profile pictures for social media or dating sites, for a fun experience day to share with friends, to create bridal themed photographs to give to your other half as a surprise present on the morning of your wedding day, a maternity shoot to capture your beautiful bump, a couple shoot to celebrate an anniversary. The list goes on… Everyone’s reasons are personal and unique, that is why we tailor make each shoot around you, to create the ultimate bespoke experience.

What should I bring with me? We suggest that you bring in a few different underwear sets, some negligees, baby dolls, silk dressing gowns, corsets, basks, stockings or hold-ups (no tights please!) dresses, tops, skirts, jewellery, hats, and anything that makes you feel fabulous! The most important thing is to bring in underwear and clothes that are well fitted. You are going to be in a darkly-lit studio, so don’t be afraid to add a little colour to your selection. Shoes are also a must, so we can do a range of bare feet and heeled looks, and you can bring in as many pairs as you like! We also suggest bringing in things that personalise your shoot, so if you have any hobbies or interests, why not bring something related to this e.g. sporting tops or equipment, musical instruments, books or vinyls/cds.  If you are doing the shoot for a partner, their white shirt and tie are always a good idea too. As a rule, we always say if you’re considering it, bring it! We want you to feel comfortable and to show off the real of you, so bring in any items that you love and want to be photographed in.

Do you offer a glass of bubbly on arrival? We don’t need to win you over with bubbly (we use chocolate for that)! Besides we want you bright eyed not bleary eyed for your photoshoot. We offer a soothing cup of tea, an invigorating cup of coffee (the best around we’ve been told!) or some refreshing water to keep you hydrated prior to your shoot.

How long does my session last? We photograph only two people per day and each session is half a day long, so please allow anything between five to six hours. We like to make you feel special, so there won’t be any rushing only a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

When and how can I see my photos? You will be given the opportunity to view your images in a same day private viewing session in our comfy sofa room. So there is no long wait to see your pictures, it all happens on the same day!

Do the images get airbrushed? Every image you choose to order will go through responsible post production and skin smoothing to magazine quality with our in-house female retoucher. Some women prefer heavy retouching and others prefer more natural, this is completely your choice.

How will I receive my order? We send your boudoir photographs out to you by franked first class post which means that our return address is printed on the front of every envelope. First Class postage & package to the UK is included. However if you prefer alternative postage methods this can be arranged and a fee will apply.

Where is Boudoir by Cameo? Our boutique studio is based in North London in the stunning grounds of Stephens House & Gardens. We are only a ten minute walk from Finchley Central tube station, please see our address and map for more detailed directions.


Why should I choose boudoir by cameo?  We have a wealth of experience in photographing women, excelling for over 10 years in the boudoir industry. We believe in female empowerment, capturing the real you in a beautiful and artistic way, creating classy, elegant and timeless images.  Our bespoke experiences are in a relaxed and friendly environment ensuring an enjoyable and fun day out. We shouldn’t need to say it in this day and age but we are proud to be 100% LGBTQ friendly and tolerate no forms of discrimination whatsoever. Our shoots are for everyone no matter your age, size, skin colour, religion, ethnicity or sexual preference. Words speak volumes, so please have a look at our reviews to see why we are chosen and highly recommended by women all over the world time and again.Click here to view our lovely reviews

Do I need to do anything before my shoot?  We suggest (but it is not essential) having a manicure/pedicure so your hands & feet look neat & tidy. When doing so please try to ensure the colour (if you choose one) does not clash with the colours of your clothing or lingerie that you are bringing in for your photoshoot. If it is your preference, we recommend waxing at least a few days prior to your shoot to avoid any redness or bumps. If you colour or highlight your hair, please come to the studio with your hair dyed as you would like it shown in your images, as retouching unwanted roots will take extra time in post-production. Please come in with clean, dry hair and a make-up free face and let us do the rest.

What happens when I arrive for my shoot? You will receive a warm welcome and be shown to our tranquil sofa room in the picturesque Stephens House & Gardens. You will be offered tea or coffee and have time to relax and unwind wind whilst chatting with your female photographer about the feel for your photoshoot.  You will then be taken into our beautiful makeup room where our professional makeup artist will discuss the look she thinks will best suit your skin tones and face shape. Then the fun begins!

What happens in my shoot? Your female photographer will start by going through everything you have brought with you, then putting together different styles for various looks and poses. She will then direct you into every single pose, ensuring you are looking perfect for each shot and showing off your beautiful self!

Who sees the photographs? Please be assured that no one but Nicola and our in-house female photographers and retouchers will see your images unless you have given written consent for social media and/or website use after you’ve viewed your images. 

How much will I be looking to spend on my photos? There is something for everyone on our price list although you should expect to spend anything from £400 through to £1000 or more depending on the packages and products you decide to showcase your beautiful images with. We work with a NO PRESSURE environment so it is totally up to you!

What if I start to feel anxious before the shoot? We all have our insecurities and we understand that you may get pre shoot jitters but we provide an intimate, darkly lit environment and our all-female team will ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed so all you need to do is concentrate on having fun! If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask one of our team.

Can I park nearby? Yes. We have a limited free car park in the front of the building, as well as unrestricted residential roads opposite. Alternatively, there is pay and display parking on a nearby road.