Matchy matchy or opposing opposites?

boudoir by cameo london photography studio

How to dress for a couples photo shoot

Images where a couple’s clothes match in tones looks great, but this does not mean matching prints and outfits: we do not want to create a me and mini me scenario! It can look great for example if both of you are wearing black tops and jeans, but this is less about the style and fit of the clothes but the colours (you will each want clothes that are designed to complement your unique figures) So matching colours good, replicated outfits bad!

If you are looking for something more eye catching, adding a pop of colour can be great, but this colour does not have to be worn by both people. This is where opposites come in. One person could be wearing black whilst the other is wearing red, similarly white with pale blue etc. The main thing to remember is whatever colours you choose to combine they should compliment each other not clash! Basically, as a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t wear that combination of colours on yourself then you won’t like it separately on both of you, as you are being photographed as a whole!