Tasteful Nude Couples Photography… Can It Be Done?

Is it possible to do a nude couples shoot, and it still be tasteful? The simple answer is YES!!


Having intimate photographs taken of you and your partner in little-to-no clothing isn’t for everyone, but we know for sure after photographing hundreds of you with your significant other’s, it really is one of the most empowering and fun things you may experience with them, EVER! Not only does it take you both out of your comfort zones, it makes your love stronger, because if you can do this together you can do pretty much anything! Take it from us, we’ve seen it first hand, there is nothing that makes us happier than witnessing the bond between two people become closer through trying something new, albeit… slightly daring ;)

Maybe you’ve been thinking about having a couples photo-shoot for a while, maybe a friend has done it before which has made you want to try it, perhaps you’ve been inspired by a movie or seen a celebrity couple do something similar and want to try it for yourself, OR maybe you and your partner are just looking to spice up the relationship and looking for something fun to try… this could be for a birthday treat or a tantalising anniversary gift. Whatever your reason, we’ve put together some tips to help you make the right decisions before committing to having your first couples-shoot experience!




Tip 1!

RESEARCH! Make sure you’ve seen your photographers work before committing, this is to ensure you like their style and the way they pose people. It is also important to find a photographer who has experience photographing couples of all ages and body types and not just models! We at Boudoir by Cameo have been shooting elegant couples boudoir photographs for many years now, so we know the tips & tricks to ensure the lighting and angles compliments both you and your partner. Our styles differ between dark & intimate lighting, or light & airy bedroom shots. You can view some lovely examples of our couples photo-shoots here in our couples gallery. If you have any ideas or have seen images you’d like to recreate, ensure these are sent to your photographer prior to the photo-shoot, this will help them accommodate your needs as best as they can.

Tip 2!

Once you’ve chosen your trusted photographer and booked in a shoot, it’s completely natural to feel somewhat nervous or apprehensive before the day. To relieve any pre-shoot nerves make sure you and your partner have prepped the day or night before to ensure you’re both feeling your best! This may include things like getting your nails done, having a wax, selecting your favourite underwear and outfits, drinking plenty of water and getting a good night’s rest! We definitely don’t recommend drinking heavily the night before, you will need the energy, trust us! Once the shoot-day arrives, remember to 

also trust in your photographer and most importantly, relax! When the photo-shoot is taking place, listen carefully to how you are being told to stand or hold yourself, this will ensure your photographer gets the perfect image. It may be the case the photographs you’ve seen are bordering on well…very…intimate? An intimate couples photo-shoot is not the sa
me as pornagraphic imagery, infact far from it. There is an art to creating intimacy in a photograph without actually being… very intimate! You will be so focused on getting the pose right that both you and your partner won’t be thinking about much else!

Tip 3!

Don’t be afraid to bring in certain sentimental items or outfits that you’d both like to photographed with, make it as unique as possible to you at a pair. You don’t have to bear all, and you certainly don’t have to do anything you are uncomfortable with. If you are having concerns remember to communicate this with your photographer. The majority of stunning and classy nude shots are suggestive, this means that although you can tell you are nude in the image, not everything is on show. It is a good idea to do a mixture of covered nudes as well as underwear and maybe even clothed shots with your partner, depending on what you are looking for. See our blog post on what to bring for your couples photo-shoot here. You probably won’t be doing this again for sometime afterwards, if ever! So make the most of it on the day. Lastly, the most important thing of all is, remember to have fun with it. You will be laughing during the shoot and laughing at the memories for maybe even years to come, see it as a time to be completely yourselves, this is about you after all!