Tips On Modelling Portfolio’s

boudoir by cameo london photography studio

How many photos do I need to have?

Less is best. Your modelling portfolio is about quality not quantity. The WOW pictures are what you are looking for. Variety is also key, as you need to show your ability to portray different characters, age ranges and personality.

So as a New model it is adequate to have between 6 – 12 images with 20 being the absolute maximum and only if they are 20 wow images.

What should I consider before I start my Portfolio?

The most important thing to consider is what kind of modelling you are going to do. Think of your body shape and look and where you will fit best in the modelling industry. This will determine the type of images you may have in your portfolio.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to pick the jobs you will do.  The industry picks you and the clients will decide if you are right for any given type of modeling.  Be sure to do your research and be honest with yourself about where you fit. Being honest with yourself will insure you don’t waste time and will hopefully limit the chances of rejection.

Should I use a hair and make-up artist for my shoot?

YES! These are the most important images of your career, you need to look your best as well as showing changes in styling so don’t go half measures!

What kinds of pictures do I need in my modelling Portfolio?

 A variety of full length, three quarter length and head shots are important. A strong head shot is crucial. A full length shot showing of your build is also a must. This can be a non-provocative lingerie or swimsuit shot or well fitted clothes depending on your comfort levels and what type of modelling you wish to do. This shot does not mean showing skin, it simply means showing of your physique and silhouette.

Remember to show varying characters that you may be cast as, changing the feel, styling and story in each image. Variety is key! The more adaptable you are; the more jobs you have the potential of booking. 

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Make sure the clothing fits properly and is flattering to your body. As a general Rule sticking to solid colours is better, as patterns and prints can take attention away from yourself. Remember to think about which part of the industry you are thinking of going into, then research what models are wearing in their ads. This can give you a good indication of styles to wear, but remember that you are selling yourself in these images, not the clothes or accessories you are wearing.

Should I include an image with no make-up in my portfolio?

Yes. This is the iconic Polaroid shot that is taken of starting models.  Nowadays, a digital image is perfectly acceptable, with the aim of this image being to show you with no make-up and NO retouching. This does not mean this image does not matter, so still ensure you look your best, with use of soft and flattering lighting and a neutral background.

Should all of my portfolio images be in colour?

 No. There is no rule saying they all have to be in colour. You can include one or two black and white images to add another dimension to your portfolio, but do not go overboard. The overwhelming majority of advertising is in color, so your portfolio should be as well.