What Should I Bring For A Boudoir Photo Shoot ? 

boudoir by cameo london photography studio

Each shoot aims to show the true you, so what you choose to bring will depend on your personal style and taste. It is always great to have a variety of items to wear in your shoot, to give diversity in your images. Here are some of our suggestions on what we think can work best.

We advise that you bring in a few different underwear sets, some negligees, baby dolls, silk dressing gowns, corsets, basks, stockings or hold-ups (no tights please!) dresses, tops, skirts, jewellery, hats, and anything that makes you feel fabulous!

The most important thing is to bring in underwear and clothes that are well fitted. You are going to be studio, so don’t be afraid to add a little colour to your selection.

Shoes are also a must, so we can do a range of bare feet and heeled looks, and you can bring in as many pairs as you like!

We also suggest bringing in things that personalise your shoot; so if you have any hobbies or interests, why not bring something related to this e.g. sporting tops or equipment, musical instruments, books or vinyls/CD’s.

If you are doing the shoot for a partner bringing in some of their clothes is a nice idea, for example their white shirt and tie always works well.

As a rule, we always say if you’re considering it, bring it! We want you to feel comfortable and to show off the real of you, so bring in any items that you love and want to be photographed in.