What Should I Bring For A Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot? 

What should I bring in for my bridal boudoir photo-shoot?


As each shoot aims to show the true you, what you choose to bring will depend on your personal style and taste. As you are looking to do a bridal boudoir photo shoot, whether that’s for a wedding gift for your partner we always suggest to bring in any items you have already purchased for your wedding, to customise your images. Here are some suggestions on what we think works best:

Bring in your garter, wedding lingerie, veil (if you have chosen to wear one) and even your wedding dress! If you have any other white lingerie, bring this as well, as it works perfectly for your bridal theme.

In regards to types of lingerie, we suggest a few different matching underwear sets, negligees, baby dolls, silk dressing gowns, corsets, basks, stockings or hold-ups and anything that makes you feel fabulous! The most important thing is to bring in underwear that is well fitted.

Shoes are also a must, so we can do a range of bare feet and heeled looks. Definitely bring in your beautiful wedding shoes and as many other pairs as you like.

If you have already bought your wedding jewellery, bring it in for the shoot, so we can create the complete bridal look of shoes, lingerie, garter and jewellery.

We also suggest bringing in items that will personalise your shoot; so if you have any special gifts from your fiancé, or an item of his clothing, then bring it in!

It doesn’t just have to be an item of clothing that can customise your photo shoot. We have photographed brides holding their wedding invites to using flowers in a bride’s hair to match her bouquet for the big day.

We want you to feel comfortable and to show off the real of you, so bring in any items that you love and want to be photographed in. The sky is the Limit!