What To Bring For A Maternity Photo Shoot

Maternity photo-shoots are similar but somewhat different to a normal boudoir photo-shoot, yes you may be wanting to be photographed in lingerie or in the nude, but the focus is very much on your beautiful baby-bump and posing will be to enhance this over any other body part. Just like a boudoir photo-shoot, maternity photo-shoots are an empowering and confidence-boosting experience for any woman, however the aim isn’t to look ‘sexy’, it’s more to show off your pregnant body and show the connection between you and the life you’re carrying in the best light… but that’s not to say you can’t still feel and look your absolute best, and you’re absolutely allowed to feel sexy if you want to!


For some shots, large brimmed hats can create cover-girl worthy images when used for a covered nude. We recommend black wide brimmed sun hats for the best effect, but the colour can depend on your personal tastes. The shoot is all about capturing the true you, so only bring in items you are happy with.


This will be down to personal taste and styling, but a well fitted dresses, shirts, jumpers and jeans can look great. Shirts can be unbuttoned to reveal your bump whist staying closed at the top. This can create a lovely clothed look whilst still having your bump on show. Jeans are a classic go-to for celebrity maternity shoots, they look incredible worn with little else except maybe some Calvin’s for a more casual look. Dresses that are tight and will enhance the bump (don’t worry if you can’t zip it up at the back!) can be used for a more formal and feminine look, whilst jumpers can be used to create a more relaxed feel. Aim to bring in block colours rather than clothes with lots of prints and patterns, as this can be distracting.


A range of lingerie is ideal; from matching bra and knickers to baby dolls and negligees. It is always good to bring in a white, black and a colourful set to create variety in your photo-shoot with different feels. We want to capture your beautiful bump, so any baby dolls that open at the front and reveal your bump will make for a stunning image. Similarly, any negligees that are made from sheer material will cover but not hide the lovely silhouette that your bump creates; perfect for a backlit image. We are also all about the classic Calvin Klein underwear should you want a more relaxed underwear look.


If you fancy going for a glamorous or ‘extra’ feel to your photographs, then it’s time to accessorize! Chunky necklaces and earrings can add another dimension to your images. Pearls, diamonds and anything with some sparkle will work perfectly for your photo-shoot. You can bring in a range of small and delicate studs as well as feature necklaces depending on the look you are going for. We don’t recommend wearing a watch as this can be distracting but by all means bring bracelets and any other sentimental pieces you might like to be photographed in. Body jewelry that sits nicely over your bump is also makes for a fabulous maternity look. 


Although your shoot should include cropped shots where your feet are not in view, it is always good to have full length shots as well. Some people may want the more natural look of bare feet but it is great to have options. Some women suffer from swollen feet during pregnancy, so you may be limited to what fits. It is always good to have a trusty pair of black shoes, as they will match with most looks, so go for delicate and feminine dolly shoes or if your feet are up to it, a pair of Louboutins or open-toe (just remember to have your nails how you want them!) make for great heels.. Then from there it is up to your personal tastes in regards to style and colour. Each shoot should be personal so your own styling is important, as you want the images to be true to you.

Baby Items:

You may have already starting gathering items for your little one (who can resist!), if so bring them in! Items such as shoes, teddies and t-shirts can be incorporated into your shoot, but aim to bring in small items as these shots normally look best as tight cropped shots rather than full length.

Your Partner:

Very often our ladies will bring in their partner for the maternity shoot for moral support, or simply to be on hand. If this is the case why not invite him in for a few shots? If he wants to get involved then we suggest deciding this in advance and get them to bring similar colours and styles to yours, e.g if you want shots wearing a gown, get him to bring in a suit. For the casual looks, get him to bring in a few shirts, t-shirts and jeans, and for the lingerie shots, he can bring boxers! Anything goes, so long as you’re both comfortable and are happy to match in some ways.