What should I bring to wear for a couples boudoir shoot?

How to dress for a couples photo shoot

So you’ve just booked your first ever couples boudoir photo-shoot, you’re excited and the day is drawing nearer but the big question is… what do we bring in to wear for it?

We want to highlight the fact that a boudoir photo-shoot should be a fun and exciting day out, one that encourages both you and your partner to express yourselves in a way you’ have never experienced before, so the key is really make it completely unique to you as a pair. Bring in clothes, underwear and props that represent your individuality and are unique and in some cases meaningful to you. 

Having said that, as photographer’s we’d  like to give a little guidance as to what will work best for you as a couple in photographs to ensure your photographs are as stunning and complimentary as possible. Below we have gathered some ideas to point you in the right direction.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to elegant looking photographs, simplicity is key. We recommend both you and your partner bring in as an absolute minimum; a black, white or grey (i.e Calvin Klein’s) matching set of underwear / boxer shorts. You are allowed to bring in as many items as you want in which your photographer will help you choose, however we recommend you try and cut down as much as possible to the items you absolutely want to be photographed in. Not only will this save time in getting more gorgeous photographs shot, but it will also ensure you aren’t being photographed in anything you are unsure of! 

Matching & Complimentary 

Photographs that show a couple clothes matching in style and tones looks great, but this does not mean matching prints and wearing the same outfit: we do not want to create a me and mini me scenario! So matching colours good, replicated outfits bad! We also recommend that you stick to simple colours and not bold & bright patterns as this can sometimes distract and make you stand out more from your partner, which isn’t fair on them ;)

If you are looking for something more eye catching, adding a pop of colour can be great, but this colour does not have to be worn by both people. This is where opposites come in. One person could be wearing black whilst the other is wearing red, similarly white with pale blue etc. The main thing to remember is whatever colours you choose to combine, they should compliment each other not clash! Basically, as a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t wear that combination of colours on yourself then you won’t like it separately on both of you, remember you are being photographed as a whole!

Our points are highly recommended suggestions, however you might consider yourself a bold couple with a wardrobe to match! This is absolutely fine, and you should wear whatever you think works best for you. Just keep in mind a boudoir couples photo-shoot is all about highlighting your love and connection in an intimate way, if this is not what you are looking for then we would strongly advise you having a fashion photo-shoot instead! 

The more we see you and not the clothes, the better. Having said this, some African and indigenous tribes wear bold patterns and clothing as a cultural identity, which we would absolutely encourage for a photo-shoot if that is something that’s important to you personally. So the more ‘you’ it is, the better! But don’t feel you have to go and buy a whole new wardrobe in order to stand out, choose whatever feels good.

Dresses, Suits & Accessories

If you want to bring in a nice evening gown for example, we highly recommend your partner brings in a dinner jacket or smart suit to match. This is the same for accessories! If you want to bring in chunky earrings, get your partner to bring a watch or cufflinks with similar styles. We don’t recommend you bring in anything you would wear to work, as this takes the fun out of the shoot! (unless of course your in the army, or are into dress up! ;)) So bring in your favourite outfits, and ones that compliment both your figures. For men, a traditional black suit with tie/bow tie and white dinner shirt is recommended. A great way to match with your partner could be to bring in a matching coloured tie & pocket square (socks too if you want to push the boat out!) and ladies you could bring in a dress or lingerie to match that colour. Ladies tend to bring in a number or dresses, it’s really up to you!

Casual Looks

For a casual look we mentioned Calvin Klein’s as a classic go-to, we would also recommend you both bring in a pair of jeans or two, preferable in similar shades of blue or one black pair etc. Ladies you could bring in a causal blouse or flattering shirt, and men you could bring in a couple of t-shirts and a casual jacket. When it comes to t-shirts and jackets in general we recommend keeping it plain and not having big bold logos that will be distracting in the final photographs. Leather jackets also make an excellent look for both you and your partner.

Make it personal

Whether you and your partner are doing this for a special occasion, doing it to keep a long-distance relationship fresh, or simply to try something new, why not make it as personal to you both as possible? This could mean bringing in the outfits you wore on your first date, sentimental jewelry that was given as a gift or even a naughty outfit or props that turns your partner on. We don’t shy away from items such as handcuffs, whips and ties if that’s your thing! We will just make sure that safety comes first so don’t bring in anything you haven’t tried using before.

Most importantly, have fun with it! We’ll see you there.