Why have a Boudoir Photo-shoot?

At Boudoir by Cameo, we’re all about self-expression, self-confidence and sensuality. We’re about creating a piece of unique art whilst making women feel amazing. Wear less and look your best in this empowering & confidence boosting photo-shoot experience!

And, as we said in our last blog, everybody is beautiful in their own unique way.


The Confidence Boost

So, why do people love our boudoir photo-shoots?

There are many reasons why women want to do a boudoir photo-shoot but what we hear most from our clients, is that the whole experience has given them a huge boost of confidence.  Who doesn’t want to feel great about themselves and have pictures where they look smoking hot to keep forever! Boudoir photo-shoots are for everyone (and we do mean EVERYONE); Even the camera-shy can find enjoyment and new-found confidence in this style of pictures; it is not just the selfie enthusiasts who choose boudoir.  

“I was thinking about the shoot all weekend and how much fun it was and something I never thought I would do. I am so pleased I did it … It’s definitely an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life ;o)

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The experience is just part of what we do, what you’ll take home are some truly stunning photographs to share and treasure. You can display your photos with pride on a bedroom wall: reminding you of how amazing you are every day, or secretly store them in a drawer to be peeked at when you need a pick-me-up. Whatever you choose to do with your final images we believe you’ll never forget your boudoir experience and the confidence it gave you when you had very little to hide behind!


A Unique Gift

Looking to spice things up with your partner? Want to give them an exciting and unique gift? That’s why many of our clients choose a boudoir photo-shoot. Why not have fun and feel great in a photo-shoot AND get the enjoyment of watching your partner’s ecstatic face when he/she sees your sensual photographs? It’s a gift they’ll ALWAYS remember, that’s for sure. This can also be done WITH your partner, why not enjoy the experience together and have a. fabulous couples photo-shoot?

“Best of all was my husband’s reaction – he is thrilled with the pictures and I am delighted I could surprise him for Christmas. What am I going to do for next year?”

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A Bridal Surprise

Are wedding bells in the air? About to get hitched to the love of your life? A bridal boudoir photoshoot is becoming a growing trend for soon-to-be brides, so why not give it a try?

The shoot entails you strutting your wedding lingerie, veil and garter to create sexy bridal-themed photos, so your lucky groom has something wonderful to open on the morning of your wedding day.  These beautiful images will have your partner running down the aisle to say “I do” – and very keen to get you back to the bridal suite to see the lingerie in person! ;-) Why only wear your bridal lingerie once; when you can showcase your bridal underwear in an exciting photoshoot and cherish these images for the rest of your married life!

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A Piece of Art

So, as we can see, there are as many different kinds of shoots as there are reasons for doing one. You’re all unique and you’ll decide to treat yourself to a boudoir session for your own reasons. But you’re also creating a piece of art-work that is completely individual. We make sure the images are always artistic and beautiful and, most importantly, that you’re always the star. Who wouldn’t want to step into the Louis Viton shoes of a model for the day, but with no stress and full direction into flattering poses that show your figure off to its utmost?

Have a look at some of our stunning boudoir images

So, have we tempted you? Feeling like slipping on something seductive and capturing your true beauty? Fancy treating yourself to a boudoir experience that you’ll never forget?

Get in touch to arrange a shoot with our friendly, all-female team!