Why have a bridal boudoir photo-shoot?

All things weddings and photography. Why have a bridal boudoir photo-shoot? 2021


The Big Day

Your wedding day is often the most important celebratory occasion you and your partner will go through in your whole lives. The big day brings about much prepping and planning in advance; you have to think about catering, hospitality, guest lists, florists, venues, location, weather, clothing, bridesmaids, transport, amongst many other things. In our opinion, the most important investment in your big day is the photographer, choosing the right photographer will ensure everything you planned to go ahead that day will be captured and kept alive for many years to come. We recommend one of London’s most highly approved team of photographers https://cameoweddings.photography/ for your big day.


The Pre-wedding Engagement Photo-shoot

Now we don’t just recommend having a photographer for the one day, having a pre-wedding engagement shoot is something that has become increasingly popular in recent years, this is the perfect opportunity to get those stunning couple shots with your partner that will capture the romance of your relationship and the love between you. This is often is done a few weeks or days prior to the wedding day, and ensures you won’t have the pressure of missing those essential shots on the day when there is so much more to think about! This can be done in your wedding dress or some women prefer a simple but elegant dress or look. We recommend the amazing https://withlove.london/ for stunning & timeless engagement photographs.


The Bridal Boudoir Photo-shoot

We have talked about why investing in your wedding photographer is important, now let’s talk about the most important thing; YOU. Think of all those years you imagined and fantasized about how you hoped your big day would go, not to mention the months of planning and hard-work you’ve put into organising and ensuring all your guests are catered to, and most especially compromising with your partner about the big decisions. This can take a lot out of you, and often it becomes a day for everyone else…

Being a bride is no easy feat, in fact it’s an emotional roller-coaster full of ups and downs. So with this in mind, we believe a boudoir photo-shoot is the perfect opportunity to celebrate YOU, a reminder of how brave, amazing and beautiful you are; an empowering experience that will ensure you are READY to take on the next milestone of your life long after your wedding day is over, and with complete confidence and self-assurance in being someone’s partner for life.

Being a bride to many women represents the time they felt the most loved, adored, sexy and gorgeous. Why not show this to yourself in elegant stunning photographs? The wonderful thing about photographs is they last FOREVER. Imagine looking back at yourself, preserved in the bliss of such a momentous occasion, 10, 20 or even 50 years from now? Imagine sharing them with your daughter when it’s her turn to tie the knot… the timeless joys photographs bring are endless.

Having a bridal boudoir photo-shoot is also an incredibly practical opportunity too. Hear us out… The big day comes with a ton of nerves, even more so if you’re someone that isn’t the most comfortable being photographed. A boudoir shoot allows you in your own time to get to grips with your photo-related anxiety or stiffness. Not only will our fabulous MUA make you look and feel your best, our female photographer will direct you onto poses that flatter and compliment your body, leaving you feeling so relaxed and confident after that you might even learn a thing or two your wedding photographer will be more than happy to take note of for capturing you at your best on the big day. Not only will the shoot ensure self-confidence in front of the camera, it’s also the PERFECT opportunity to go lingerie shopping. Need something sexy for the night of the wedding, or even the honeymoon? We have many recommended underwear suppliers so don’t be afraid to ask.

Lastly but certainly not least, a boudoir photo-shoot is the ULTIMATE night-before or wedding day surprise for your partner. We cannot preach enough about the amount of women who have called in to say how showing their bridal boudoir photographs was not only one of the most reassuring moments in their relationship, but their partner’s reaction was actually a HIGHLIGHT of their entire wedding day. Gifts and ‘things’ come and go throughout our lives, but nothing beats the timelessness and authenticity of a photograph, and the years of excitement and joy it will bring to the one you love the most.

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