Progression to perfection – boudoir training workshops

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It is always good to top up your knowledge of photography. To refresh your techniques at directing and working with clients or to discover some new flattering poses for underwear and lingerie shots. From amateur to advanced there are always tutorials suited to update your skills and teach you some fresh lessons, whether its working with flash and learning about light heads, working on new camera angles to create a new look or just to have some fun shooting with another photographer.

At Boudoir by Cameo we believe learning is a never ending journey. You should always strive to push your photographic skills further. Who knows what new and innovative images you might create in the process? Here is a little bit about the training workshops we hold at our Boutique studio.

Boudoir by Cameo’s training workshops cater to photographers of all levels, from beginners aiming to master the camera settings on their DSLR to professionals who would like to update their knowledge of boudoir photography. Each workshop is a one-on-one mentoring, so can be tailor made to suit your specific needs no matter where you are in your photographic journey.

The workshops have a “hands-on” approach as we believe practically orientated training is best. There is a relaxed learning environment throughout your personal mentoring day where you can ask lots of questions and learn at your own pace, allowing you to gain the most return from your investment. Here is a guideline to what our training workshops include:

One-on-one training: working on posing, lighting and retouching in our London photography studio (N3 3QE). Going through some signature Boudoir by Cameo poses as well as teaching techniques about posing with boudoir style lighting that you can apply to different body types to create a beautiful and flattering image. We will also discuss the equipment we use in our studio and our recommendations for your style of photography.

The training includes working with a model in the studio, where you will be shown how to direct as well as pose people. You will have the opportunity to experiment with your newly learnt techniques by posing and photographing the model yourself, then getting feedback and critique on how to adjust and improve your images. 

After your training in the studio you will have a session on retouching. This will include working on an image from start to finish, talking about skin smoothing techniques, pre-sets and software we use at Boudoir by Cameo. You will then go through general tips and tricks to make the final images look flawless but natural.

The training day also includes a boudoir photoshoot for yourself, where you can experience first hand how it feels to be directed and posed as well as creating some stunning photographs of yourself to treasure. Before your shoot you will have an hour’s hair and makeup with our professional hair and makeup artist to gain the full boudoir experience. You will have a personal viewing session at the end of the day where you can select 10 of your boudoir images to be fully retouched and skin smoothed and presented to you in high resolution on a Boudoir by Cameo USB.

You will be given a Boudoir tricks and tips manual to take home with you, that includes all of the techniques you have learnt about lighting set ups and posing from the day.

If you would like to book a training workshop or ask some questions about the day please contact our studio on 020-8446-4477 or

To have a sneak peek at some of our before and after images check out our youtube video by clicking here